Sunday, 16 September 2012

Turn on the Tap!

We as a Church love supporting good causes, especially when it involves raising money to benefit those who perhaps are less fortunate than ourselves. 

A great charity project is currently underway under Samaritans Purse International Relief

"Turn on the Tap" urges those who buy these charity-branded bottles of water to donate money to give clean water to children in Africa. Once the water has been consumed, people are urged to fill the empty bottle with their spare change. Once it is full up with coins, simply count up the amount and send your donation in a cheque made payable to Samaritans Purse

All cheque donations should be sent to Victoria House, Victoria Road, Buckhurst Hill, Essex, 1G9 5EX. Alternatively, please visit to pledge a donation towards this cause.

It does not take a lot of money to provide better facilities for these children! For example:

-£9 could train a villager in Mozambique to maintain the communities well or borehole.

- £36 could provide a family in Niger with a latrine.

-£48 could provide a family in Uganda with a biosand water filter.

-£500 could repair a non-functioning borehole for a village in Mozambique. 

Interested in donating some spare cash to this project? Great! As stated before, all the details can be found via the website, or get hold of one of the water bottles to start saving! 

Perhaps you may be able to rope in some willing friends, fellow church goers or family to contribute to? The more the merrier, especially when you are aware that by doing this, you are greatly improving the lives of people less fortunate them yourselves.

Epping Green Chapel Gets Involved!
At Church last Sunday we had a service to bring light to the cause, and struggles that so many African people have in their daily lives. 

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